Pokemon Black/White

Fellow gamers,

I have just recently beat the Nintendo DS game Pokemon Black and let me tell you, it was the best Pokemon yet! You don’t have to deal with any of the old pokemon from the previous generations in this game until you beat it; as you will only encounter the 155 new Pokemon (including Victini) during your first journey through the Unova region. The story is more compelling than that of previous generations with the coming of Team Plasma (I won’t spoil it for you). The battle system has been improved and the sprites are now partially animated during battle. I have put 40+ hours into the game and I have loved every single battle.

The only gripe I do have is that after beating the game I have found that all of the trainers in the new areas I am exploring either have pokemon 10+ levels over my Pokemon or 10- levels under my Pokemon’s level. I beat the game with most of my team around the level 48-50 mark, which were comparable to those of the Elite 4 and the champion after. The next trainers who I battled were level 62+ though! I mean I won against the first few with using a few Max Revive’s, but after getting destroyed by a level 64 Primeape destroying my level 54 Archeops, I turned back to explore some of the earlier areas. I ventured over to Route 1 and took to the water just a ways in and surfed over to a the new area, but all of the trainers Pokemon here were only level 40+ and the wild Pokemon were around level 12+. At this point I figured that I could just go back to the Elite 4 and level up off of them until I could go to the new areas and explore safely, but the Elite 4 must have been angry to have been beaten by a punk kid because they Goku power leveled their Pokemon and I was crushed by their level 72+ Pokemon. This is the point at which I started hoping that this was some sort of cruel joke by Nintendo to taunt us Pokemon nerds.

I still have more areas to explore and I am hoping that I will be able to find a place to train my team to get them on par with that of the higher level trainers. Once I do though, I am going to start breeding for perfect IV’s and start EV training my pokemon. If anybody would like to battle or discuss Pokemon just let me know by leaving a comment!