Mr.BodyMassage Machine GO!

There comes a time in life when we need to put aside childish thing to focus on what really matters: beating the shit out of people with giant robots.

Today is that day.

Sentinels love to catch fireflies on a warm summer night.

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Bodymassage, aka, LT Bob Johnson 9000, aka, Super Sonic Limp, aka, the Greatest Marvel 3 player in the world. You can find me on X-box live, crushing fools under the title “Mr BodyMassage88″, (as some scrubby idiot ivariable already picked ‘MrBodyMassage69”), and of course, posting here on Vidjagamers.

I’ve been playing video games to some degree my entire life. Fighting game have allways been my favorite, which is entirely appropriate when one considers that !Kicking Ass in IRL! is perhaps my favorite activity in the entire world. Some of the fondest memories of of my blonde haired manchild youth include plugging quarters into the random arcade version of Street Fighter Two that was (somehow) located at my local Kwik Trip. Adolescent nirvana, to say the least.

I bought a Super Nes for the abhorrent price of $15 from a garage sale when I turned 18 (aka, 2007) and have been spamming out SSF2, MK 3, and Killer Instinct singles ever since. I bought roughly forty five copies of SSF4 for every single person I know who owns a X-box 360 (hereby refered to as the SeX-Box 690), and soon realized that new fighting games are ridiculously technical to the point of implausibilty, at least on a pad (regular sex-box controller). It was either time to buy an arcade stick or pack it in for good.

But then, like the irredesciant glow of a pair of heavily glittered double D breasts jutting out of a  sorority girls top during my bio exam, it caught my attention.


Contined…after class!