Battlefield 3 Beta

Fellow Vidjagamers,

Are you one of those people that get all giddy when they see a hit marker appear on a well placed shot from across the map? Do you enjoy running down enemies and smothering them with love from the safety and comfort of a tank? How do you feel about shooting down enemy planes in epic aerial dog fights of epicness? If you answered ‘yes’ to any (or all) of these questions, then you should probably be excited for Battlefield 3 which is releasing on October 25th. If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, then I will be promptly arriving at your place of residence to revoke your ‘man card’… Even if you don’t have a ‘Y’ chromosome.


You ready for this? *Queue Space Jam music*

What’s that? You can’t wait until October 25th? Well then it is your day of lucky, because the open beta for Battlefield 3 is here! The open beta will be live until October 10th, so be sure to get all of your Battlefield mayhem and manslaughter out of the way in the coming weeks. If you are playing on the Sex-box 360, make sure to keep an eye out for me. My gamertag is brudi07 and I hope to see you all on the ‘battlefield’.

Minecraft 1.8 ‘Adventure Update’

Fellow Vidjagamers,

If you enjoy punching down trees with your bare hands then you are either going for your ninth degree black belt or you play the block-centric game Minecraft. The latest patch, ‘Adventure Update’, which was released last week has added a plethora of new features to keep you ‘adventurers’ busy.


Nobody talks shit about Minecraft!

But for real here’s a list of the changes in the latest update:

  • Biome generation now creates more randomly diverse ecosystems; forests, swamps, deserts, artic, dungeons, caves, and abandoned mines.
  • Ravines and rivers are now randomly created.
  • Underground dungeons aka ‘Strongholds’ have now been added, and are ready to be explored.
  • NPC villages have now been added, NPC’s however have not.
  • New monster, “Endermen”, who will ignore you until you look directly at them, at which point they make it their mission to ‘end’ you. They can also teleport and come at you like a spider monkey. It is possible that they are all jacked up on Mountain Dew as well.
  • New monster, Cave Spider, which is a spider that (you guessed it) spawns in caves but with a different skin texture than normal spiders.
  • New monster, Silverfish, which is a confusing name because they don’t spawn in water. They instead have a chance to spawn when you smash blocks in caves and they can spawn more Silverfish if not killed quickly.
  • Weapons now have a chance to deal critical damage. If you are pro, you can always land critical hits by jumping and hitting your target just as you start your descent back towards the ground.
  • Monsters now drop experience orbs when they are defeated. I would not recommend trying to power level though as leveling up currently serves no purpose since there aren’t any skills to spend your skill points on.
  • There are new slider options in the graphics menu; field of view and brightness.
  • There are now ‘huge’ mushrooms, which you can create by using bonemeal on small mushrooms. Mario will now be able to go on even more of a psychedelic trip.
  • The lighting engine has been modified, making the game look significantly better, especially underground.
  • Sunrises and sunsets have been introduced. Players can now invite their fake girlfriends to watch fake sunrises.
  • Ice now only spreads next to existing ice or in coast areas.
  • Explosions now look more explosion-y.
  • You can now sprint by double tapping the forward key. If you attack an enemy while sprinting it will increase the knock-back, making it easier to keep Creeper swarms at bay.
  • There is now a hunger meter. You must now have a full hunger meter to regenerate health, which you can do by (you guessed it) eating food. Once the hunger meter is full you will slowly regenerate health over time, which means you can no longer spam food to gain multiple hearts.
  • You can now stack food items in your inventory. Having half your inventory filled with fried pork chops is no longer needed.
  • Melons have been added as a new food type.
  • Animals who are injured will now attempt to flee.
  • New items; ‘gates’ for fences, iron bars (think prison bars), and vines.

These are all the changes that I have found for 1.8 in a condensed list. I have also found a list for upcoming changes in 1.9 if any of you are curious about what’s coming in the future – Minecraft 1.9 Notes.

Netflix Offering Video Game Rentals

If you are a Netflix subscriber like me you may have woke up to an email from CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, about the changes they are making to Netflix this fall and the introduction of Qwikster. I found this to be a bit suspicious at first and so I did some digging. This is what I have found…

Last night it was announced that Netflix will now be offering video game rentals coming this fall! This is the main reason that I decided to post this on my vidjagame blog.


Now renting video games.

Co-Founder and CEO Reed Hastings announced that the company’s mail delivery service will be separated from its online streaming. The new delivery service is called Qwikster, and will “add a video games upgrade option, similar to our upgrade option for Blu-ray, for those who want to rent Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games.” If you want you can read more about it in their blog.

Netflix will now be breaking their business into two different types. Qwikster, which is the rental portion where you will soon be able to rent video games from; and Netflix, which is the standalone streaming service.

There will be no price changes associated with Qwikster (aside from the price changes announced earlier this year), and credit card charges will appear separately from Netflix charges.

Netflix also released a video giving more details about the split, which can be found on Youtube.

Dragon Soul

Fellow Vidjagamers,

I have some news on the much anticipated World of Warcraft patch 4.3, and I just wanted to give you all a heads up on what you can expect from this new patch!


The Dragon Aspect of Death

Patch 4.3 is going by the name of ‘Dragon Soul’, which you could have guessed by the title of this post. In this patch raiders will finally be able to go toe-to-toe with the ‘Dragon Aspect of Death’ himself, Deathwing. The fight against the deplorable dragon will be a multiple encounter fight and Blizzard is saying that it will be it’s most ambitious and unique encounter to date.

Along with the release of of Deathwing, there will also be three new five-man dungeons that will tie into the Deathwing story arc, similar to the dungeons released along with the Lich King raid content back in the day. Blizzard has said that these dungeons will contain a few of the key characters from the lore including; Thrall, Illidan, and many of the Dragon Aspects.

Along with the release of Deathwing comes the new ‘Raid Finder’. Raid Finder will assemble a 25-man raid from players across multiple servers (there will be no 10-man option) for the new Deathwing content. Blizzard may retrofit old raids to accommodate Raid Finder depending on its upcoming success as well. The content of the Deathwing raid will be easier for those using Raid Finder, however the gear will be scaled down as well. Blizzard is currently considering not locking Raid Finder-mode raids to a timer or ID, meaning that players will be able to run this raid content to their hearts content with their randomized raid parties.

Blizzard will also be introducing ‘Transmogrification’ in the new patch. For those of you who don’t know what Transmogrification is (besides being a fun word to say), Transmogrification is a method of changing the appearance of your armor. You will now be able to re-skin and re-paint your armor to allow a more personalized and unique look for your avatar. There will also be a new bank addition, the ‘Void Bank’, to store all of your transmogrified items which you will have to unlock with gold.


You can now beautify yourself!

Currently there is no expected release date for patch 4.3, but you can expect more details to come when it hits the PTR.

Body By Zeus

I have been playing a lot of League of Legends lately. I pwn noobs left and right, but I just couldn’t seem to find a champion that fit my style of play.

I tried Singed because he is OPOP and can carry bad teams to victory, but he just didn’t seem to do enough damage for me. I mean I loved running around poisoning champs as they chased me around pressing shift+4 to laugh maniacally in their faces as they got me so close to death only for me to pop my insanity potion and suplex them into my teammates.

Then I tried Caitlyn and she does mad damage! I would sit in my lane and yell out, “BOOM HEADSHOT” every critical! But if any of the other team actually gets to you, you die instantly. Then something magical happened. I was picking my champ and I randomed into this shirtless ripped god of lightning, Ryze!


This Guy Is Ripped!

There’s something quite refreshing about chasing enemy champs down and throwing red balls of energy at their face and then snaring them in your Rune Prison and watching their face twist in horror as you approach them for that first blood. Not only does Ryze do ‘godlike’ damage, but he can also take a beating (which is amazing for a caster)! You can build his items just like a tanky Singed, and they all contribute to his damage as well since his damage is based on his mana! If you want to feel like a god and you play League of Legends I suggest giving Ryze a try. I get into even more detail about the best champ ever in this game in my guide on, Ryze Guide. Enjoy!