Fellow Vidjagamers,

The past few years have been great for fighting games. With the resurgence of the Street Fighter series, Marvel vs Capcom 3, a Mortal Kombat game worth playing again, and a new VS game in Street Fighter x Tekken there has been no shortage of content for fighting game alumnus. April 11th it got even better with the downloadable xbla/psn game Skullgirls. This game is a bread and butter fighter with all the helpings that a fighting game fanatic could ask for.

You can assemble teams of one to three characters (one character teams get boosted stats while two and three characters get assists and delayed hyper access). The controls and combos are spot on as well and everything just feels so fluid, which is what fighting games strive for. While there are only eight select-able characters, each of them feel so different that you shouldn’t have any worries about a limited selection. Also the 2-D visuals in this game are amazing (if you’re into big busty anime women, but who isn’t?).

The only real negatives I’ve found so far in this game is the ridiculous AI where even on the easiest setting they’ll still pull off combos you didn’t know were possible, a mediocre training room option, and the absence of a character ability list (which is supposed to be released on their website

The AI shouldn’t deter you though because the fun of fighting games comes from challenging other players and the online for this game is amazing. The netcode used for this game is the GGPO engine which online fighting game enthusiasts should know about. It’s a pretty seamless and lag free experience which makes this game all the sweeter.

If you are a fan of fighting games, I highly suggest picking this up! It’s 1200 points on Xbox Live Arcade, and I’m assuming it’s like $15 or whatever currency Playstation uses on PSN.