Humble Bundle Music Bundle

Fellow Vidjagamers,

Humbe Bundle Music BundleFor those of you with a charitable heart or just an ear for music, the Humble Bundle has brought to the internet another great way to help charity with the ‘Music Bundle’. The ‘Music Bundle’ comes with five albums (six if you spend more than the average donation, which is $8.11 at the moment). These albums are brought to you from some of the internet’s finest composers.

If you are a fan of music I highly recommend checking this out. You can get a sample of what this bundle has to offer or buy it at And for you audiophile’s out there these albums come in ‘FLAC’ format (I know most people reading this don’t really care about that, but it’s big news for people who REALLY enjoy their music) . I recommend spending more than the average, because the remix album from ‘OK GO’ is amazing!


Fellow Vidjagamers,

Just played through a point and click adventure game that you may have heard of, Botanicula. I picked this gem up during the Summer Steam Sale and let me tell you, it was worth it!

BotaniculaBotanicula is a story about five plant like beings making their way around their home (tree) to try and save it from an evil spider like thing. You make your way through the tree only by clicking, which is the same way you solve all the puzzles. The visuals in this game are fantastic and give it a look to make it it’s own. The audio in this game is even better, the music is pleasant and fits every atmosphere appropriately. The chimes you get for solving puzzles kept motivating me onto the next section at an exceptional pace. I don’t usually play single player games for long chunks of time, but I flew through this whole game in one sitting (it took me roughly 4 hours to play through it).┬áThe puzzles are very clever and just difficult enough to tickle your brain a bit.

Even though none of the characters in this game have any dialogue, I found myself growing attached to these likable plants more so than any other video game character who can talk.

I highly recommend picking this game up if you are into puzzle or adventure games at all. If you like this one, then you might want to check out ‘Machinarium’ as well, which was created by the same company.