Mists of Pandaria

Fellow Vidjagamers,

I was reluctant to hop back into World of Warcraft’s expansion, but after watching gameplay footage of the new content I couldn’t help myself. I purchased the new expansion Mists of Pandaria and have been enjoying seeing the new content for myself.

I started with my human rogue who is level 85 (For the Alliance!). I started in Stormwind, exactly where I had left him when I lost logged out months ago. Immediately as I logged in I was prompted with a quest that the king wanted to see me. I headed there immediately only to be informed that my rogue had been selected as part of an elite force to help look for the Prince who had gone missing along with the most of the Alliance’s naval fleet. They told me to head to the gunship which would bring me to where they were last heard from. That is how I got to the new continent of Pandaria (not really sure if it’s a continent though, I heard it’s just a land mass on the back of a turtle).

I played my rogue for a few hours and then logged off to try out my 85 shaman. While exploring with my shaman I ran into another quest in Stormwind. This woman underneath a tree just outside of the castle walls told me that I could raise Battle Pets (ala Pokemon)! I promptly summoned my Lil’ Ragnaros to start spreading mayhem on the nearby fauna. No rabbit, squirrel, or rat was safe from the wrath of (Lil) Ragnaros! Bwahahahahaha. I leveled Lil’ Ragnaros, Lil’ KT, and Lil’ XT (raid boss party) up to level 6. I had a lot of fun with this content although there is some room for improvement; such as having a party of more than 3 pets, more than 3 move slots, more types of pets, and the ability to learn more than 6 moves total. I’m sure that will come with time though.

Last night I started my human monk (because Panda monks are overrated, especially Jack Black, actually I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda). I gave him a set of leather heirloom gear and a 1h mace and set to work. The animations for the monk are top notch and I quickly felt like Bruce Lee round house kicking the shit out of kobolds in the face. When it came time to pick a spec I choose the windwalker since that’s the dps spec for monk and because they get a unique ability, Thousand Hand Slap (ala E. Honda). I only leveled him up to about level 15 or so because I decided that I needed to watch Dexter with my girlfriend to prep her for the new season (which looks to be amazing for you Dexter fans out there!).

But I have a feeling that this expansion is going to be awesome overall. Especially because I feel the need to play every class because I feel like they are all OPOP now. Warriors look sick with their new avatar ability, I hear shadow priests are the king of duels, shamans now get an Ascendance form, mage’s can time walk. This is going to be a fun time for pvp’ers and pve’ers alike.

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