For the Masochistic: Flappy Bird

Fellow Vidjagamers,

I think I may have inadvertently stumbled upon the hardest game ever created. I thought that Dark Souls was hard, but this game puts even Dark Souls to shame. The game that I am talking about is a mobile game called Flappy Bird. The premise is simple, tap the screen to make a bird fly and navigate through a series of pipes for as long as you can.

The only problem is, is that it’s almost impossible to even score into the double digits. It took me at least a dozen attempts before I managed to hit 10. After an hour or so of playing I managed to get to 25 and I felt like that was a huge accomplishment! I have heard of a few people who have managed to make it into triple digits and I have no idea how they were able to do that.

This game is so simple, and I’m not really sure how it holds my attention. I think it has something to do with human beings having the mentality of ‘just one more game’. The games are so short and simple to start over that it’s harder for you to stop playing then it is to just play ‘one more game’. That and the feeling that every time you start a new game you could beat your old high score and have bragging rights to those in your friend group who are also masochistic enough to play this game.

Here’s the link for Android users.

And for those iOS users.

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