Guess Who’s Back

Fellow Vidjagamers,

The Humble Store

Aside from that terrible title referencing an Eminem song (who has recently released a new album) you may have noticed that I have really been slacking in my editorial duties. I apologize. I was locked away in a Mexican prison for things that I can’t discuss on this site for legal reasons. What I can tell you though is that ‘The Humble Store’ has finally released and you can find some great game sales on there. I highly recommend checking it out as there are some top notch games on there for dirt cheap.

Hopefully I will be able to post more often now that I’m back in the country and out of that filthy Mexican jail cell.

One thought on “Guess Who’s Back

  1. I can confirm that Mr. Rudi was indeed incarcerated in an unkept Mexican prison. I should know, for I was the one who put him there.

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