Splatoon: Builds

Fellow Vidgamers,

Splatoon TitleHere is a post where I am going to talk about my opinion on the ‘best’ build, or at least the one that fits my play style the best and the gear that corresponds with it. First there are some things to know about the gear in Splatoon.

  • Every day at 12AM (I believe I read that it was EST), the 6 pieces of gear in the shops rotates, this doesn’t mean all of it will rotate out, but a majority of it will update.
  • Each piece of gear has one main ability, and up to 3 sub abilities. It takes 3 sub abilities of the same type to have the same effect as one main ability perk. The perks can stack, but there are diminishing returns on them. It is recommended to have 3 different main abilities and 3 sets of different sub abilities to get the most out of your perks.
  • The stores aren’t the only places to get gear. You can order gear from Spyke, the blue haired guy in the top right of the plaza map. All you have to do is inspect another player in the plaza and press ‘X’ to order one of their pieces of gear. This will take a day for the order to come through and Spyke will charge you way more than if you found it in the store, but this allows you to buy exactly what you want.
  • The branding on clothes isn’t just an abstract thing either. Each brand has it’s own percentage chance to roll certain sub abilities. I found a very helpful faq for reading up on abilities and brands on GameFaqs.
  • You can re-roll and add sub slots to your gear at level 20 by visiting Spyke and investing 30,000 per slot.

The first thing to my Splatoon playstyle is my mantra: “Always Be Inking“. I prefer to always be covering the map in ink, even in ranked where the objective only requires you to cover a small portion of the map. The benefits to covering the map are tremendous. You get a move speed bonus while moving through your ink as a squid, allowing you to traverse the map faster. You build up your super with the ink you put down onto uncovered and enemy covered territory. Supers will help turn the tide of battle in your favor. You take more damage when you are standing on enemy ink, so it’s important to always be on your own ink.

Now onto my preferred perk build. The six perks that I prefer are:

  • Ink Saver (Main)
  • Ink Saver (Sub)
  • Ink Recovery Up
  • Swim Speed Up
  • Special Charge Up
  • Ink Resistance Up (Which is exclusive to shoes)

Always Be Inking gifAll of these things let me ‘Always Be Inking‘. Ink Saver (Main) and (Sub) reduce the cost of ink that it takes to use your primary and sub weapons. Ink Recovery Up makes it so that every time you turn into a squid in your own ink, you are refilling your ink canister that much faster. Swim Speed Up helps you to quickly traverse the map to be covering more of the map as quickly as possible. Special Charge Up is fantastic because your special abilities help to turn the tide of battle and the more of them per game the better. Finally, what may be the best ability in the game, Ink Resistance Up. This ability has saved me more times than I can count. Effectively it allows you to swim through enemy ink for a short time as well as take less damage while standing on enemy ink. This ability is key for hasty retreats when you are in enemy territory.

With that being said, I have compiled a list of all the gear that qualifies for these six perks.

Gear Name Type Brand Main Ability Brand 5x Ability
Camo Mesh Head Fire Fin Swim Speed Ink Saver (Sub)
Jungle Hat Head Fire Fin Ink Saver (Main) Ink Saver (Sub)
Fake Contacts Head Tentatek Special Charge Up Ink Recovery Up
Fish Fry Visor Head Fire Fin Special Charge Up Ink Saver (Sub)
Red Vector Tee Chest Takoroka Ink Saver (Main) Special Saver Up
Rainy Day Tee Chest Krak-On Ink Saver (Main) Swim Speed Up
Choco Layered LS Chest Takoroka Ink Saver (Sub) Special Charge Up
Baseball Jersey Chest Fire Fin Special Charge Up Ink Saver (Sub)
Sunny Day Tee Chest Krak-On Special Charge Up Swim Speed Up
Neon Sea Slugs Shoes Tentatek Ink Resistance Ink Recovery
Red High Tops Shoes Krak-On Ink Resistance Swim Speed Up

Special mentions to the unique chest perk Stealth Squid and the unique shoes perk Stealth Jump. It just doesn’t fit my current mind set, but I know a lot of people like to use them (especially ninjas).

Red Vector Tee imageWith that being said, I found a ensemble of gear that matched my requirements. By wearing the head piece ‘Camo Mesh‘, the chest piece ‘Red Vector Tee‘, and the shoes ‘Neon Sea Slugs‘; I managed to get the six perks that I wanted! The best part is that I already owned two of them and the third I ordered from Spyke with a little help from my good friend Andrew.

If anybody has any other information that they feel should be included here, or just some opinions about my build, feel free to leave a comment below.


Splatoon: Nintendo’s Shooter

Fellow Vidjagamers,

Splatoon Title

I have finally returned from my year long expedition to the Himalaya’s where I found my inner peace while meditating with the monks. I thought I could keep up this new me, but unfortunately I have found this new game from Nintendo called ‘Splatoon’. Now I find myself bad mouthing people’s mothers, frequently yelling “GET REKT” at my television, and going Hulk mode when I lose a ranked match online.

Squid/Kid gifSplatoon is a first party Nintendo game in the third person shooter genre. Only you’re not shooting bullets, but ink instead. You are literally splatting other children with ink to achieve kills. I don’t really know if I can call the characters children either, because you can transform into a squid at any time to swim through the ink that you create. It’s a strange concept, but it works on so many levels and it just feels soooo right. I’m a big fan of shooters, and the mechanics in this game feel really tight, rivaling that of Destiny which is praised for it’s mechanics/controls.

Multiplayer matches are 4v4 and right now the most common game mode is one where you cover the map in paint, and whoever has more of the map covered after 3 minutes is declared the winner. There is also a ranked mode where instead of the objective being to cover the whole map, you are now vying for control of a small area that you have to take control of and hold until your side’s counter reaches zero. There are a handful of maps to play on right now and more are being added as free dlc weekly. The strange thing is though, that these maps are on rotation, so you can only play 2 of them at any given time until the next rotation comes through. Which is fine, because the maps are well balanced and it feels really good when you learn every nook and cranny of the map and are able to exploit it.

Splatoon PaintbrushNow we come to one of the best parts of the game for me. There is a perk system which rivals that of the Call of Duty franchise and these perks are embedded into the clothing system in the game. You can equip your character with clothes that unlock perks; such as faster run speed, faster squid swim speed, longer distance grenade throws, etc… Each piece of clothing contains one main perk and can have up to 3 sub perks. This allows for a wide assortment of builds for your character. There’s also dozens of weapons to unlock. You have your standard super soaker style paint guns, but then you also have paintbrushes, paint rollers, an ink bazooka, sniper rifles that shoot paint, and that’s just a small sample of them. Each weapon has it’s own ‘kit’, which consists of the weapon, it’s sub weapon (think grenades and special ordinances), and a super basically, which can be things such as calling down an ink strike onto the map or turning into a Kraken to run over your enemies.

Splatoon has been eating up a lot of my free time and I’m very excited to keep playing it. For any of you who own a Nintendo Wii U and a copy of Splatoon, feel free to add my Nintendo ID (brudi07) and hit me up to play a few games if I’m online.

Thanks for reading!