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I have recently become addicted to a new mobile game called THREES. THREES seems like a simple puzzle game at first. You have a 4×4 board, and every turn you can swipe in one of 4 directions. The object of the game is to combine tiles into bigger tiles. You start by combining ‘1’ and ‘2’ tiles into ‘3’. From there you have to double each tile, so combining ‘3’ and ‘3’ make ‘6’, ‘6’ and ‘6’ make ’12’, etc… Everytime you swipe, a new tile is introduced to the board coming in from the direction that you swiped from. The game ends when the board fills up and you are no longer able to combine any more tiles together. At this point the game ends and you are awarded points based on the numbers left on the board.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is trying to figure out how to combine tiles into the higher tile combinations. It’s fairly easy to get to ’48’ or ’96’, but it took me a few games before I was building up to ‘192’ tiles. My current highest tile is ‘384’. Once you do build up to a tile though it seems easier and easier for you to continuously get back to that same tile in your next game.

The THREES website┬áis a very nice looking and minimalistic site. You can find the downloads to the android and iOS versions of the game there. The price tag on the game is $1.99, but it is incredibly worth it! I have already spent at least 8+ hours on the game and currently have a high score of 9,684. If you manage to beat this score, I’d love for you to post to the comments with your own high score!

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