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Fellow Vidjagamers,

Worms RevolutionI’ve been asked by a very dedicated reader to do a piece on Worms Revolution. I personally am a big fan of the Worms series. Nothing beats an afternoon with friends where you are taking turns trying to cause each other to explode with Holy Hand Grenades and other over the top weaponry.

It’s not all about the multiplayer though. The single player portion is pretty sizable and will keep you busy while your friends aren’t around. There are 32 campaign levels and 20 puzzle levels, with four different difficulty settings. The single player is a solid choice if you just want to go in and get some worm destruction under way.

The biggest new change to Revolution is the class system. The basic worm is now known as the Soldier, and there’s also the Scout, Scientist, and Heavy. Each plays noticeably different so you will end up having your own favorite after trying each of them out.

Soldiers are just your basic average worm. These will be the most familiar to players of the series. Scouts are the agile class, who zip around the battlefield with ease. They don’t deal as much damage when they attack, but they are a lot more responsive when using their jetpacks. Heavies are tanks. They don’t move very fast, but when they get in range of the enemy you’ll know. Heavies deal and absorb more damage that the other classes. Scientists are the support class. Every time it’s the scientists turn everyone on the team gets five points of health. They also create defensive weapons like sentry guns to help hold a position.

Revolution also adds feature physics object, like zippo lighters, glass flasks, etc. You can move these around the battlefield using certain abilities (like telekinesis) and after taking enough damage they will explode to deal damage to the worms around them. There’s also dynamic water now so you can shoot a rocket into the water to cause it to splash up and cover a worm. Worms will take damage every turn that they are under water.

The best part of the worms series is the mutiplayer though. Like I said, getting your friends together and using rockets, grenades, mines, and other explosives to launch your friends across the map is what the Worms titles is all about. Every time I played it we also had a good time and we would be laughing for hours.

Here’s to my number one fan! Thanks Nate.


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